Testing Sites and Proctors

About Testing Sites

The Insurance Data Management Association (IDMA) exams are available over the Internet at https://testing.exambuilder.com (i.e., no paper copies).  IDMA does not maintain its own testing facilities nor does it contract with other testing centers (such as Prometric sites that host the CPCU/IIA exams among others) to host its exams.  Students can take their exam at their company’s site (Learning Center, HR Library, Computer Lab, field or branch office, etc…) provided that the proposed testing site meets the following IDMA criteria: 

  1. A sufficient number of internet accessible personal computers for the exam candidates to use.
  2.  A minimum connection speed of 28k (simple dial-up). A higher speed connection, however, may enhance your enjoyment of the programs and we recommend using the fastest Internet connection available to you. Our exams are hosted on a network that is delivered through redundant high-speed commercial connections.
  3. A secure room in which the testing can take place that does not allow viewing of the test from outside the room.
  4. Important: An IDMA approved proctor to help candidates set up their online access (using the log-in information provided by IDMA) and monitor exam conditions for any irregularities. The proctor should be present in the testing room during the entire exam appointment. See additional proctor information below.

About the Proctor

IDMA requires the presence of a proctor when the IDMA testing is conducted at any site.

A proctor is an individual who agrees to monitor the Insurance Data Management Association (IDMA) testing and affirms the exam was delivered in a suitable environment. The proctor will also verify that the candidate completed the test according to all of the specific directions provided in the proctor package, which will be provided to the proctor via email or fax one to two weeks prior to the start of the examination. 

Who is responsible for arranging for a proctor?
Students are responsible to provide IDMA the proctor's contact information when they register for an exam.  A proctor could be anyone from your HR department, your boss, or staffer. A week prior to the exam, IDMA will provide the proctor with a "proctor package” explaining the exam process.

How do I arrange for a proctor? 
Anyone wishing to arrange an online exam may nominate a proctor for approval. Those arranging the exam, or student should ask the proctor nominee if he or she is willing to proctor the exam each time they wish to schedule an exam. Any proctor nominated must be acting in an official capacity at their place of business in one of the following positions:

  1. An administrator, educational services officer, or an officer of higher rank than the student at the company.
  2. A Human Resources Manager, a training manager, supervisor, or manager of higher rank at a company from which candidates will be tested.