About our Certification Programs

Certification as a data manager can bring great value to your career and to your professional development. The importance of data management to our industry cannot be overestimated. IDMA believes that its curriculum can put you on the leading edge in our field.

The focus of the IDMA course curriculum is to provide students with knowledge and tools essential to a professional insurance data manager. This is a curriculum designed to evolve along with the Data Management discipline. The IDMA curriculum consists of independent study courses. The IDMA non-certification course, Data Management for Insurance Professionals (DMIP), as well as the four IDMA certification courses are updated frequently by the task forces appointed by the IDMA Education Committee. These self-study courses were created and designed by IDMA and may be taken in any sequence.  There are no prerequisites.

IDMA courses are highly recommended for a broad audience including new hires, IT and data modeling professionals who want to broaden their knowledge of the business side of insurance data management, anyone who manages and governs data in the industry (statistical, or management information data), and anyone who needs to use or communicate good quality data/information – from actuaries to underwriters, and claims and analytics professionals.

Course exams are available through an online testing server in a two-week period three times yearly – In late January, mid-May, and mid-September.  Exams are three hours long and consist of 100 multiple-choice and true/false questions. 


AIDM® (Associate Insurance Data Manager) Designation

Passing the four IDMA courses leads to the designation of Associate Insurance Data Manager (AIDM).

  • IDMA 1 – Insurance Data Collection and Reporting
  • IDMA 2 – Insurance Data Quality
  • IDMA 3* – Systems Development and Project Management
  • IDMA 201 – Introduction to Data Management Functions and Tools.  Note: This is the newest IDMA course, which as January 2018 has replaced the old IDMA 4 course Data Management, Administration, and Warehousing. You will need to purchase the Textbook and Study Guide for this course directly through the publisher. Click here to purchase IDMA 201.

*Waiver Note: The AIT designation or a PMI-certified course will waive requirements for the IDMA 3 course.


CIDM® (Certified Insurance Data Manager) Designation

The CIDM designation requires the passage of the above four IDMA courses in addition to four selected courses taken from one of four other curricula listed below.  The student must make a choice of programs from one of four organizations – CPCU, LOMA, SOFE or CAS.  We will also review other industry designations that are not currently listed as here.

Transcript Notice: In order to receive a CIDM designation, IDMA will require an official transcript directly from the administrator of any non-IDMA curricula (such as CPCU, LOMA, SOFE or CAS) to demonstrate successful completion of the course requirements.

  • CIDM Option 1 = AIDM + 4 courses from The Institutes Chartered Property-Casualty Underwriter (CPCU) designation (CPCU 520 and 540, and any two of the following courses: CPCU 551, 552, 553, and 555).  Waivers accepted by The Institutes are also accepted by IDMA. For information on CPCU courses please visit The Institutes website at www.theinstitutes.com.
  • CIDM Option 2 = AIDM + either the ACAS or FCAS designation offered by the Casualty Actuarial Society (CAS). For information on CAS courses, please visit www.casact.org.   
  • CIDM Option 3 = AIDM + the Fellow of the Life Management Institute (FLMI) designation offered by Life Office Management Association (LOMA).  For information on FLMI courses, please visit www.loma.org.
  • CIDM Option 4 = AIDM + the Associate Financial Examiner (AFE) offered by the Society of Financial Examiners (SOFE).  For information on AFE courses, please visit www.sofe.org.