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IDMA is soliciting proposals for curriculum developers and educational writers to assist in the development of IDMA's proprietary professional curriculum.   IDMA's mission is to enhance the level of professionalism in insurance data management - a mission accomplished to a great extent through its earned professional designations and by promoting life-long learning. Our current curriculum was developed in the late 1980s.  Although it has been reviewed and updated, the science of data management is expanding rapidly. Therefore, the curriculum needs to be updated and revised in a sustainable manner. This request for proposal seeks interested parties to help us research and develop the appropriate resources and material for a revised curriculum.

If you or anyone you know are interested in receiving the full RFP request along with copies of the newly developed curriculum outline, please email Farouk Yassine at or call (201) 469-3069.


Are you interested in hosting an IDMA Training Workshop at your company site or at your industry event?

IDMA offers five One-Day Training Workshops geared towards insurance industry professionals: Data Management for Insurance Professionals (DMIP), Insurance Data Quality (IDQ), Tools for Managing Data Effectively (TMDE), Data Governance and Stewardship (DG&S), and a fifth workshop, Claims Data Management (CDM), which is currently being developed and will be available in the summer of 2014.

All these workshops include practical discussions and case studies for interactive participation.

Our workshops can be offered in conjunction with industry events at the invitation of the event sponsors or they can be requested by individual companies who agree to certain easy to-meet terms. Workshops can be abbreviated and customized to suit individual company requirements. For cost, sample agendas, and additional information, please contact Farouk Yassine at (201) 469-3069 or


IDMA currently has three active chapters in the United States: The Chicago Metro Chapter (Midwest Chapter); The New England Chapter; and The New York / New Jersey Metro Chapter.

For additional information on IDMA chapters and meeting dates, click here.


The 2014 Insurance Data and Analytics Summit – NYC, NY, April 23
Register at the early bird rate of $595, up until the day of the summit. For additional information on the summit, click here.

Enterprise Data World 2014 Conference – Austin, TX, April 27-May 1
Register using coupon code IDMA14 and save up to $200 off registration options over $1,000 or $50 off registration options under $1,000. For additional information on this conference, click here.

ACORD LOMA 2014 Insurance Systems Forum – Orlando, FL, May 4-6
All IDMA members can register at the extended early bird rate of $799 ($200 savings) up until the start of the event.  You must click here to take advantage of the special IDMA registration fee.

TDWI 2014 World Conference Series – Chicago, IL, May 11-16
Register by April 25 using the IDMA priority code CH70 and save up to $325 off of your conference registration fee.  For additional information on this conference, click here.

Predictive Analytics World 2014 Conference Series – Toronto, May 12-15
Register using the discount code IDMAMP14 and save up to 10% off of your registration fee.  For additional information on this conference, click here.

Data Governance & Information Quality 2014 (DGIQ) Conference
San Diego, CA, June 23-27
Register for the conference or the stewardship seminar by May 16 using priority code IDMA279 and save up to $250 of your conference registration fee. For additional information on this conference, click here.

IDMA Mission Statement

The Insurance Data Management Association, Inc. (IDMA) is an independent, non-profit, professional learned association dedicated to increasing the level of professionalism, knowledge, and visibility of insurance data management.

Value Proposition

With every advance in technology, the value of data increases. Evolving and new technologies make sharing data fairly simple, but if bad information moves through a process, the costs grow exponentially at each step. Data must be managed to ensure quality, to ensure maximum benefit to the organization. If Senior Managers receive bad data, how can they properly manage? If Marketing receives incorrect information, the dollar value of lost opportunities can only be guessed. In the realm of regulatory or statutory reporting, bad data may create a liability for your organization. All of the Actuarial, Claims, Compliance, Finance, and Information Technology functions need reliable data to work with. The data manager's function is to provide other managers with the information they need to fulfill their role.

General Information Value to Actuaries Value to Marketing
Value to Senior Management Value to Claims Value to Statistical and Regulatory Reporting
Value to Compliance/ Government Value to Finance Value to Underwriting
Relations and Regulators Value to Information Technology

Education Value
Important Dates
Facilitators Guide IDMA Exam Dates
Data Management for Insurance Professionals

IDMA 2014 Annual Meeting and Seminar

IDMA One-Day Training Workshops  

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