Facilitators Guide to Course Instructors

For a class of fewer than 5 registered students, the cost is $100 (includes the guide and Powerpoint slides). An instructor must be named by the education or human resources (or similar) department of an organization, and a licensing agreement must be agreed to. The guides have been available since the spring trimester of 2003, and results have been gratifying. For instance, among the September 2003 examinees was a class whose instructor used the Guide. Of that class, 100% passed the exam — an unheard of result. Other facilitated classes have seen very high rates of success.

Click here to see licensing agreement (In MS Word format).

Facilitators Can Get Even More Resources

For several years, all the IDMA certification courses have been available in two formats – the Study Guide format for the students and in Facilitator’s Guide format. Facilitators, who are appointed by their organizations and who agree to security and copyright standards, use these modified guides to facilitate study for groups of IDMA students. The guides include answers and definitions for the Key Terms and Concepts and for the Review Questions portions of the courses.

Powerpoint slides are also available to share with registered facilitators who have obtained the facilitator’s guides and who have agreed to security and copyright standards.

Direct your request to fyassine@idma.org.

Facilitators will testify to the value of the Facilitator’s Guides

We have published facilitator’s testimonials in the IDM Quarterly in the past. These are very, very useful tools. Here is one example of what facilitators have to say:
The Facilitator's Guide really took the pressure off. It gave me the support and confidence I needed to feel comfortable about teaching the class.

The Facilitator's Guide made it easy for me to keep the class on track and focused. If I didn't have the Guide I think it would have been easy to get side-tracked and not be able to cover a chapter per class. I wouldn't want to teach the class without the Facilitator's Guide.


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