Perhaps you accessed this site for insurance data?


The IDMA routinely gets inquiries from persons seeking insurance data for research or other purposes.

If you are seeking financial data on a single insurer, check with your state insurance department.  Insurer financial statements are filed with them and are open to the public.

If you seek financial statement data for a large number of insurers, you may wish to contact A.M. Best or the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC).

If you seek data to answer more detailed questions, then it is likely that you need data in a form that is roughly referred to as "statistical data."  While the IDMA seeks to promote professionalism in this area, and major insurers and most national statistical organizations that collect this data are IDMA members, the IDMA does not exist to help third parties find such data.  If your intended usage of such data is academic or consumer-oriented, then we suggest contacting your state insurance department.  If your intended usage of such data is commercial in nature, a casualty actuarial consulting firm may be the best place to start.  Expect to spend some money.

Of course, snooping around the web is almost always the way to learn a little more about a subject.  You may want to start with our links page that is oriented towards insurance and data management.  Good luck!


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